We are two researchers. In addition to Elegant Experiments, Hsiao-Hang works as a postdoctorate. She is behind the scenes of Elegant Experiments, providing a critical amount of support, ideas and much more. Lénaïc works full time on Elegant Experiments. He is at the bench, and also on the scene to share the research.

Our research is holistic and interdisciplinary. To tackle our questions, we like to experiment with different approaches: theoretical or practical, scientific or spiritual. To share our results, we like to combine different media, to be minimalistic, creative and fun.

Lénaïc Pardon

Lénaïc Pardon

Ph.D. in agronomy


Lénaïc studied agronomy in Paris and did a Ph.D. in agriculture and environment, in Montpellier, France.

He is now a kind of wild researcher, interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary. He is sensitive, curious and he likes experimenting freely in any field!

Hsiao-Hang Tao

Hsiao-Hang Tao

Ph.D. in ecology


Hsiao-Hang studied ecology in Taiwan and did a Ph.D. in soil ecology, in Oxford.

She is now working full time in marine ecology at the National Taiwan University. She likes earthworms, loves science, and dreams about dance.