Exposure to radiation in a city strongly depends on your location. Example in Taipei, Taiwan

In a city, how can I limit my exposure to electromagnetic waves? To find where the safe spots are, I measured the radiations in several locations of Taipei, Taiwan, using a Trifield TF2 EMF meter.

Using battens instead of studs for a lighter tiny house wood frame. Is it strong enough?

I found that a standard tiny house wood frame using Douglas fir studs was too heavy. Here I explain how I designed a lighter wood frame structure.

Acorn tempeh. Using Rhizopus fermentation to reduce tannin content?

Can tempeh fermentation be used to make acorn tempeh? Would it help to reduce the tannins content of acorn? Here I make 3 rounds of experiments to try to understand how to make acorn tempeh.

An outdoor pantry, accessible from inside, to replace the fridge in winter

This is the fridge, or rather, the pantry of our tiny house. The food is stored outside, but it is accessible directly from inside.

Visualizing the electromagnetic fields around my laptop

In this experiment, I measured and I drew the electric fields, the magnetic fields and the electromagnetic radiation around my laptop. This gave me a very nice way to understand and get familiar with these invisible things.

I made a 5-function elegant drop lid in wood (9-function for super-minimalist people)

I desgined and made a drop lid in wood (*otoshi buta* in Japanese) that can work for all our pans. It has 5 main functions, and 4 additional functions for super-minimalist (or super weird) people. Let me present it to you...

An experimental food forest project in a Mediterranean climate

At the end of June 2022, I wrote this project of an experimental edible forest after visiting a forest plot for sale in South of France!

Results of the NAET treatment for my allergies and sensitivities

Here I present the results of the NAET treatment to eliminate my allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities (in February and March 2021).

How we grow a tiny garden with very simple techniques

Here is how we maintain our bio-intensive tiny rooftop garden of 3.5 m2. We use simple techniques and knowledge to maximize biomass production and ecological diversity.

Length and thickness of bamboo internodes: a beautiful curve

The length of bamboo internodes increases from the base to the middle of the pole, and decreases from the middle to the tip. The thickness of the bamboo wall, for its part, decreases from base to tip.