Lénaïc Pardon

Lénaïc Pardon

Hi, I am Lénaïc.

I am a kind of researcher-explorer.

Welcome to my blog, Elegant Experiments, which is a bit like my ship-laboratory.

Here, I mainly explore topics related to simple living, although I am curious about almost anything.

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I send this letter to my gracious readers at the start of each month to tell them about my work in progress, my observations, my — hopefully elegant — experiments.

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Research projects

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Over the years, I have immersed myself into 6 main themes, which I explore step by step, and which I call my research projects:

Here’s a whole universe to explore and re-explore following your desires!

Latest posts

Loneliness. How to get liberated from it?

One day, I read an interview of the Dalaï-Lama where he was explaining that he had never felt lonely. I was surprised. A human being who never feels lonely? Not even just a little bit from time to time? Was this really possible?

Blackberry smoothy sauce. A 2-ingredient recipe, 100% foraged

I departed on a little adventure to develop a creamy blackberry sauce, only using foraged ingredients. I ended up finding a wild secret ingredient that effectively thickens raw and plant-based dishes!

Across the Valleys of Knowledge. A short story on controversies and the structure of human knowledge

In my quest for knowledge and a better health, I often encounter strong contradictions and violent controversies. How can so many opposite worldviews coexist? And what to do when we face this surprising phenomenon? Here I tell a short story to illustrate what I discovered.