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Hi, I am Lénaïc. I am a kind of researcher-explorer. I venture into different topics that I call my research projects. From agroecology and eco-building to philosophy and spirituality.

To share my experiments, I write a monthly newsletter, called my 🔭 Laboratory Logbook.

At the start of each month, I send this letter to my gracious readers to update them on my work in progress, my observations, my — hopefully elegant — experiments.

From time to time, I also write short-lived newsletters, ‘popup’ newsletters. A popup newsletter is a short series of frequent letters focused on one topic, that my readers can choose to receive or not. You can browse my past popup series below.

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Are you hesitating? Then, why not have a look at my previous newsletters, or check my reader’s testimonials below!

Readers’ testimonials

What my readers think about my newsletters…

“Very interesting! Thanks for sharing your deep curiosity!”

“I love your enthusiasm and the poetry of your drawings… A bit like “the little prince”. Congratulations! 🙂”

“I like very much all that you experiment, reason, write, it’s fascinating and well explained. Keep it up!”

“Super, it is very positive your letters, we dive each time in an anthropological, biological, gustatory and gastronomic microcosm, of what to open or satisfy the curiosity and to widen and or to start a link of knowledge…”

“Super interesting, accessible… and very well documented! Great job.”

“I intercept with pleasure your Mésanges (which slip into the spam of my mailbox), thank you for sharing these experiences and contemplative thoughts, it speaks to me a lot!”

“Beautiful writing, and pragmatic and poetic.”

“I loved it! It’s visual, funny, well put together. Very accessible and scientifically sound. Looking forward to the next one!”

“These drawings are beautiful! And the text, soft, soothing…”

“Short sentences, no blabla, a question and an answer, a light and cheerful style, explanations within everyone’s reach, concrete and pictorial, surprise (the letters follow one another and are not alike).”

“I love the beautiful layout of the newsletter, the beautiful drawings, and the warm narratives of the story. Thank you for making this :)”

“I like your drawings so much! Please draw more! You are really talented!”

“I love your project, it evokes the infinite imagination of future life and rethinking the relationship between human beings and the environment, I find it really cool! I’m waiting to hear from you!”

“Ah thank you it’s great! I love the touch of humor and the final photo!”

“I’m delighted with this reading! Your writing is really enjoyable, puts me in a good mood and the content is thought-provoking! Thank you!”

“I adore the spirit of minimalism and I admire your courage. You are a genius, you are really a creative and imaginative minimalist. Hahaha…”

“Great! I’m laughing! Thanks”

Monthly newsletter’s archive

🔭 Laboratory Logbook — Follow my explorations month after month

Letter sent at the start of each month.

From time to time, I propose a short-lived newsletter, a ‘popup’ newsletter in parallel to my 🔭 Laboratory Logbook. A popup newsletter is a short series of frequent letters focused on one topic. For instance, it could be 7 letters, one per day, over one week!

I notify my readers about the next popup newsletter in my monthly 🔭 Laboratory Logbook, and each reader can choose to receive the letter series or not.

My next popup newsletter will most probably be about our experimental tiny house, or my latest agroecological experimentations. Work in progress… Please come back later ;)

To be notified when the next popup series starts, subscribe to my monthly newsletter: 🔭 Laboratory Logbook!

ˇᨆ   Mésange. One experiment a week for six months

Sent from October 2022 to March 2023. What is Mésange?