A matcha tea in Japan (and proportions for a good matcha)

Three years ago, in a trip in Japan, one afternoon tea touched me particularly. From the notes I took at that time to remember the moment, I wrote this short story for you.

How to build a bamboo house in the Amis people's style from Taiwan?

While we were visiting the East Coast of Taiwan during Chinese New Year, we stopped by a museum where we discovered a traditional bamboo house. How to build such a bamboo house?

A sample of 12 delicious Taiwanese food, along with farming and cooking facts

One of the greatest things in Taiwan is food! Let's go for a culinary travel linking eating with farming and cooking.

My first NAET treatment in Taiwan, from a volunteer therapist and his team of friends

A couple of years ago, in Taiwan, I followed an alternative therapy to help me with my many and growing number of allergies. An interesting experience, that I am going to tell you…!

How to transform strong emotions into something positive? One way, inspired from observing another mammal's behavior

My parents have dog, called Perle. Perle is like a teacher for me, a master. She experiences simplicity and spontaneity with as much ease as I experience difficulties in my everyday life. Let me tell you her latest teaching...

A tiny house on wheels in France! We are about to start building...

In this video, we introduce our project of constructing a mobile tiny home.

The techniques I tried to cure my eczema, allergies, asthma, etc.

Over 36 years, I investigated almost 30 healing techniques. Here I focus on the more meaningful ones. If you also suffer from eczema, allergies, asthma, I hope this can help you!